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Weather Cancellation Policy

 Weather's a reality that fishermen in the Florida Keys recognize and work around. Not every day in the Keys is going to produce "chamber of commerce weather."  In spite of the best planning, sometimes you'll wake up to your scheduled day of fishing, only to find windy, rainy conditions.

Although Capt. Buddy relies on fishing charters as his principle source of income, he's not oblivious to the fact that some days are just not meant for fishing. He didn't build his client base by taking customers out in poor weather conditions in order to make a day's pay.

To avoid stormy weather, sometimes a charter can be delayed and fished later in the day, or later in the week. If Capt. Buddy's schedule is fully booked (as typically happens in the late winter and spring), he'll be happy to refund your deposit, and also help you find another qualified guide.

We hope you enjoy the Florida Keys and all they have to offer!


Happy Fishing!

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