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Types Of Fishing

Tarpon Fishing

These game fish average about 70 pounds but often exceed 100.  Typically, live baits (mullet, pinfish, or crabs) are fished on 20 pound tackle in the vicinity of some of the larger bridges in the Middle Keys.  Tarpon are famous for their spectacular leaps, strong runs, and incredible endurance!  Although tarpon are caught year 'round (except during winter cold fronts), prime season for tarpon fishing in the Marathon area runs from mid April through about mid June. Tarpon fishing is Captain Buddy's specialty and his most popular trip. For photographs click here.

Flats Fishing

As the boat is silently poled across the pristine shallows (ranging from 1 to 5 feet), bonefish, permit, and tarpon are the primary targets, though barracuda and sharks provide lots of enjoyment too!  An angler's casting and light-tackle fighting ability will be put to the supreme test, as these fish require a precise cast, and a delicate presentation. Once hooked, many of these fish have the ability to strip a reel of all line in about a minute.  The flats are where Captain Buddy takes his clients fly fishing, though many anglers prefer to use light spinning tackle instead.  Flats fishing is the ultimate angling challenge. For photographs click here.

Back-Country Fishing

An hours ride north from Grassy Key is the wilderness of Everglades National Park.  This is a far-removed world of uninhabited mangrove islands, hidden backwater creeks, and remote sandy beaches.  These trips are highlighted by beautiful scenery, plentiful bird life, and for the most part superb fishing for redfish, sea trout, snook, tarpon (ranging from juveniles to giants), pompano, black drum, lady fish, sheepshead, and shark.   Backcountry fishing is a true "get away from it all" fishing adventure. For photographs click here.

Bay Fishing

Enjoy fast-action, light tackle, fishing for a wide variety of species including snapper, grouper, mackerel, bluefish, sea trout, jacks, and sharks. The waters of Florida Bay are fairly sheltered, and can be comfortably fished even in a stiff breeze. This is the perfect choice for introducing youngsters to fishing... it is our "bent rods and smiling faces "trip. For photographs click here.

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